Headaches? Is it tension, migraines or your sinuses?

The cause

  • trigger points
  • stress
  • poor circulation
  • dehydration
  • clenching/ grinding teeth
  • Cold/ Flu/ Sinus Infection

Signs & Symptoms

  • pain in one or more areas of the face, head or neck
  • neck feels stiff
  • blurred vision/ lightheaded
  • nasal congestion

The Treatment

First, we find the cause. If we can figure out what is causing the headaches we have a better chance at eliminating and preventing them. 

We will work with trigger point release and acupressure points to release tension and pain. We apply lymphatic drainage and percussive movements to relieve congestion and allow for proper drainage or the sinuses.

If it is a result of poor nutritional habits then we can also discuss your best options for self care.

Are you dealing with an issue we haven't listed?

In detail, please let us know what you're experiencing and we will get back to you with someone who would best suit your needs.

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