Repetitive Strain/ Overuse Injuries?

The cause

  • repetitious work
  • overloading muscles
  • postural dysfunction
  • muscular imbalances
  • friction to tendons

Signs & Symptoms

  • pain, tenderness, inflammation
  • tingling/numbness
  • cramp/spasms
  • weakness/ atrophy

The Treatment

We can't always change our line of work but we can change how we are performing a task that is repetitious. With massage we will work out any imbalance by stretching an area of restriction and strengthening the weaker aspect. This helps to retrain our muscles that we need to assist with performing certain actions. On top of all that, your actions will directly impact you. Your treatment will require you to perform your own self care routine of stretching and strengthening while applying hydrotherapy when needed to prevent recurrence of symptoms.

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