Meet Our Team


MICHAEL LENIUS, Owner/RMT/Fascial Stretch Therapist

Michael Lenius is one of the owners of PURE ETHOS with years of experience under his belt and extensive knowledge of his field. When Michael isn't treating clients in the clinic, he is at Canadian College of Health Science and Technology, teaching Treatments 1 and 2 in the Massage & Hydrotherapy program. 


JONATHAN LENIUS, Owner/Nutrition Coach, RHNC

 Jonathan Lenius is one of the owners of PURE ETHOS as well as our Nutrition Coach.  He is a Registered Health and Nutrition Coach through the Canadian Health Coach Alliance. His goal is to educate and guide clients to adopt healthier eating, and lifestyle habits that will help them achieve their ideal body weight and lead healthier lives. His primary focus is educating clients on plant-based nutrition, while also integrating principles of mindful eating, intuitive eating, and weight management. 


MICHELLE DUFRESNE, Registered Massage Therapist

 Michelle chose a career in massage therapy because she wanted to be able to help people using a holistic approach. Her main goal is to reduce pain and discomfort for her clients. Michelle believes in providing treatments to help her clients achieve the best results possible, ultimately moving them towards their wellness journey. She believes that there is always more that can be learned in order to be the best RMT so that she can provide the most effective treatment plan possible for her clients. 


NADIA GREEN, Registered Massage Therapist

  Nadia is a registered massage therapist with just shy of a year of experience looking to provide relief to her clients through various massage techniques along with strengthening and stretching techniques to further treatment progression at home. Nadia excels in treating sports injuries and muscle tensions with the usage of dry cupping techniques as well as manual massage therapy but she can also provide a relaxing treatment for anyone looking to decompress! She is looking to make sure clients leave each appointment feeling satisfied with their treatment! 


TRACEY DAWSON, Reiki Master Practitioner

   Tracey became a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner in September 2018.  She is very passionate about this gift of healing.  She incorporates a mini-reading into her sessions by providing an overview of her crystal selection for each client. Tracey also offers Hot Rock Reiki.  This relaxing session incorporates Hot Rocks that are placed on the chakras to open, heal and balance them.

Tracey became interested in learning about Ear Candling in 2002 and attended a course through St. Clair College.  It brings Tracey joy to help others through physical or emotional distress.  

She is considerate, gentle and cares deeply about the client experience.